Greg Davenport


The Outdoor Group, Inc. is proud to announce Dr. Greg Davenport, as co-host for the new “Outdoor Adventure & Survival” episode on The Sporting Life podcast.

Chairman/CEO of The Outdoor Group, Inc. and Host/Executive Producer for The Sporting Life podcast Bob Svetich comments; “We are excited to have Dr. Greg Davenport join our talented podcast team as the co-host for our new “Outdoor Adventure & Survival” episode. Dr. Davenport is highly qualified to bring our listeners the most relevant information about outdoor adventure and survival”

When asked how Dr. Davenport feels about his role as Co-Host Dr. Davenport commented; “I am excited about the opportunity to Co-Host the “Outdoor Adventure & Survival” episode. As a humanitarian I enjoy helping people in disaster preparedness, wilderness medicine, and survival education.”

New episodes will be available each Sunday at 7 AM EST.  Starting Sunday, March 10, 2019.