Greg Davenport


Greg Davenport has authored six books related to outdoor survival, wilderness medicine, navigation, and primitive skills (Stackpole Books and Globe Pequot). His books are fascinating and informative guides that look beyond merely surviving in the wilderness. They are indispensable prefatory reading for any nature enthusiast. Anyone who has hiked the wrong path into the wilderness can appreciate the importance of making the best of a bad situation. In his easy-to-use guides, Davenport explains the most efficient ways to ensure personal safety in the wild. Creating shelter and heat, procuring food and water, and navigating unfamiliar territory are just a few of the survival basics Davenport covers in each text.  Books can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

With concise explanations and detailed illustrations, survival expert Gregory Davenport covers the five basic elements of survival—personal protection, signaling, finding food and water, travel, and health—providing the reader with complete information on how to stay calm and alive until rescue arrives.

Greg Davenport’s Guide To Wilderness Living takes off where his first book Wilderness Survival stopped. Organized and indexed for easy reference Living, not just surviving, by choice in the wild can be a rewarding experience. This easy-to-use guide looks beyond the fundamentals of survival and examines the art of living long-term in the wilderness. Hunting techniques, meat preservation, clothing improvisation, shelter design, and tool- and basket-making are just a few of the basic skills described. Expert advice, clear prose, and detailed illustrations combine to make this book the authoritative text on primitive living.

Advanced Outdoor Navigation takes you well beyond the basic skills of map and compass to a level of complete understanding of navigation in the outdoors. Once you master these skills, you’ll never get lost again – regardless of terrain or time of day, whether you’re traveling over rock or ice, through desert or jungle, on a river or at sea.  In these pages global survival expert Greg Davenport shares his vast expertise in outdoor navigation, travel, and wilderness survival. Inside you’ll find in-depth information on all three topics, accompanied by numerous illustrations that make both basic and advanced concepts accessible and easy to understand. Exercises at the end of every chapter will help you practice and perfect your navigation skills.  Amazing in its depth and scope, Advanced Outdoor Navigation offers readers the most comprehensive study of navigational skills ever published.

How to dress for winter; how to create a campsite and what to use as shelter; how to keep warm How to signal for help with aerial flares, smoke, mirrors, and whistles; finding and purifying water; finding and preparing food; protecting yourself and your supplies from wildlife How to use a map and compass; how to travel on snow and ice with snowshoes, skis, and crampons; how to avoid and deal with avalanches  The first in Greg Davenport’s Books for the Wilderness series, Surviving Cold Weather covers the techniques and equipment necessary for surviving in ice and snow. Photos and drawings illustrate gear and techniques. The book covers the five survival essentials–personal protection, signaling, sustenance, navigation, and health–as they relate to the cold. Upcoming books in the series are Surviving Open and Coastal Waters, Surviving the Desert, and Surviving the Jungle.

The second book in “Greg Davenport’s Books for the Wilderness” series, Surviving Coastal and Open Water covers the techniques and equipment necessary for surviving in water. Photos and drawings illustrate gear and techniques. Survival skills include keeping warm, creating a campsite, purifying and de-salting water, and finding food along the coast. Learn to navigate with a map, compass, and sexton and how to use a sea anchor and improvise sails. Learn how to signal for help, especially in open water.

The third book in “Greg Davenport’s Books for the Wilderness” series, Desert Survival covers the techniques and equipment necessary for surviving in the desert. Learn how to deal with the deserts intense sunlight, wide temperature range, sparse vegetation, and sandstorms. Learn how to avoid insects and snakes. Photos and drawings illustrate gear and techniques necessary for survival in the rough and dangerous terrain. Learn how to find water, dress for the environment, create a campsite, signal, and navigate in the desert.